The Boardroom Expo can be described as three-day craft show featuring a variety of board-related products and services. Out of surfboards to skateboards and other surf hardware, attendees will find all kinds of board-related items at great savings. This is the opportunity for delegates to network with industry commanders and learn regarding the latest movements. Several occurrences are organised during the Boardroom Expo, including seminars, road show evaluation booths, and workshops.

The Boardroom Expo will be kept at the Trip Inn Dahon Stage-Convention Centre, which is a top-quality location to get board-related happenings. The conference center includes over thirty-five thousand sq ft of interacting with space, and can host about 300 participants. In addition to board-related goods, the Expo definitely will feature several seminars, training courses, and autograph signings. This conference may help business owners and marketers match the latest fashion and technologies in the boardroom.

The Boardroom is going to feature live music and an editorial team coming from a popular surf magazine. The Boardroom will in addition host the annual Browse Expo, a trade demonstrate for companies of energetic lifestyle items. The event is an excellent opportunity for businesses to show off their latest products and services into a large customers. The Boardroom will show off the latest technology, fads, and products in energetic lifestyle goods. There will end up being live music performances and seminars, and attendees can network with peers in the industry.